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Articles - Network Marketing

Your "Magnificent Obsession

Author: John Colanzi

Wow! You've just signed up for the greatest program on earth.
This baby's going to give you "Unlimited Wealth" to satisfy your:
Boy you're going to be running with the "Big Dogs".
Well brothers and sisters you better think again!
Before you celebrate and break out the champagne, you better decide if you're going to be a leader, a follower or if you're just going to waste your time and everyone else’s.
If you're a "newbie" you're going to have to start out as a follower and absorb as much information as you can.
Contact your sponsor and ask for help.
Don't be shy.
If you're an experienced marketer isn't it about time you started sharing what you know with your downline.
Don't be selfish.
If you're going to make money in this new multi-level venture of yours, you have to build your downline deep.
If the key to making money in real estate is:
Location... Location ... Location...
Your mantra had better be:
Build Deep... Build Deep... Build Deep...
How do you build deep?
Educate your downline. In the words of the Marine Corps "Semper Fi". Always faithful.
They've put their faith and many times their hard dollars on the line because they "Trusted You".
They have a saying in most sports that there's no "I" in the word team.
Your downline is your team; they're your new "family".
You're their "lifeboat" across the river. It's you're job to take them from "newbie follower" to "experienced leader."
Once they're across the river, it's their turn to become the leader for their recruits.
There's no limit to how many lives you can affect in a positive productive way.
Make helping your new "family" your "Magnificent Obsession".
Wishing You Success


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