Yes, it does.

If you are committed and spend enough time to develop your "business" to succeed, network marketing can and will probably bring you significant profits.  It is probably the easiest and fastest way to make a lot of money when you are successful (unless you win the lottery or you are a professional athlete of course!).  But don't fool yourself, it won't happen tomorrow.

Like any other business, network marketing takes time before becoming fruitful.  You just need to find the one that is right for you, one that will teach you how to get there and support you along the way.  And once you have found it, don’t quit. The only way to fail is if you give up.   Be patient.  Big incomes never happen overnight.  Think BIG!  Small desire produces small results just as small fires produce little heat.  

In network marketing programs, you have to sell something.  Your commissions come from retail sales, not exclusively from recruiting!  Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not a salesperson.  That's why I've never been seriously involved with multi-level marketing before.  I was one of those people who looked at the others who were successful and envied them but no way I was going to try it as my main source of income myself.  I knew I couldn't sell anything even if my life depended on it.  With a background in marketing and public relations, I have been approached several times with different ideas.  Some sold financial services. Another was to sell Amway products on the internet.  I have attended business meetings and met successful people from network marketing companies, but... it just wasn't right for me.  Sorry, not interested.  I don't care how much money I can make. 

Do you recognize yourself here?  Read on...

We're all different, with different interests and aptitudes.  If you're a great salesperson,  you'd probably do very well in multi-level marketing with the right program and support behind you.  When you think of Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, Herbalife, these are all network marketing businesses that are extremely successful and have been around for a long time.  How many people have these companies turn into millionaires?  Lots!  But none of them were for me.  And I do admit, it is scary to make money and be successful... especially when your friends and family are just normal, every day people, and try to discourage you from the start.  They have nothing but negative comments about the whole thing, tell you that you're going to losing money even before you start or give it a fair chance and that you'll never make it.  They laugh at you for trying to make something of your life.  You're doomed to fail right from the beginning!  

To better describe network marketing, I found the following article when I was doing research.  

An excerpt from Big Al's Super Prospecting: Special Offers & Quick-Start Systems 

Why do some network marketing distributors consistently make terrible choices, lose money, watch their network marketing companies crumble, and lead a life of frustration with no results for their efforts? 

Why do some network marketing distributors make the right choices and build successful network marketing businesses? 

It’s simple. Consider this situation. 

You are standing in a room with three doors. Behind each door is an opportunity, a path that will lead you to either success or failure. You don’t know what kind of opportunity or success lies behind each door, so you have three options. 

1. You can stay standing. Don’t make a choice or a commitment. Just don’t do anything. Stay where you are in life. 

A lot of people make this choice. It’s easier to watch TV, complain about your job, and hope that the government will raise wages, lower prices, and eliminate taxes. Yeah, that’s a great business plan for success. Just cross your fingers and hope that something good will happen. After all, why take chances? Your neighbors and co-workers will only criticize your efforts to be different. They want you to stay behind with them. Misery really does love company. 

2. Blindly pick a door. Maybe you feel lucky, hope that hype will work in your favor, or feel good about the vibes from picking your lucky number. 

Does trial and error work? Yes. But it works very, very slowly. If it takes a lifetime of mistakes to find the right path to network marketing success, you won’t have much time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Should you re-invent the wheel? Should you repeat someone else’s mistakes? "Practice makes perfect" really isn’t true. Practice only perfects your ability to make the same mistake over and over again. 

3. Ask someone what is behind those doors. 

That’s the power a mentor can add to your "desire for success." Doesn’t it make sense to simply ask someone what is behind the three doors? Why take chances with your life? Why leave your network marketing success subject to guessing, finger crossing, and a lottery mentality? 

Finding a mentor can take years off your path to network marketing success. A mentor can help you avoid disasters and can make sure your work accumulates to attain your personal success. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing lots of your effort wasted. Too many people work hard in network marketing only to find that they have to start over again and again. Ouch!!! 

Your mentor can share with you the experiences of others. While other people have paid the price of trial and error, your mentor can give these results for free. That sure beats getting a flat forehead from beating your head against a brick wall from frustration. 

Your mentor can ask about your goals, time commitment, experience, and preferences. He will ask about your present and desired lifestyle, if you like to retail, or how comfortable you are with different styles of sponsoring and business building. 

Your mentor can guide you through the minefields of "hype." He can tell you if one person made a big check at the expense of 100 people receiving no check. He will show you the pitfalls of short-term strategies. And, you will find out what really works — and what doesn’t. 

The successful big earners in network marketing built their businesses from using two successful strategies: 

Strategy #1 for network marketing success:  If you want to learn how to be successful in network marketing, learn from someone who is already successful. Become a Siamese twin to a successful network marketing leader who you can relate to. Make her or him your best friend and companion. 

Sounds simple, but new distributors almost always violate this strategy. If you want to earn $100,000 a year, would you ask a neighbor who earns $40,000 a year how to do it? Would you value his opinion and advice in this matter? Would you take your $100,000 opportunity to him for his review and decision? 

No. Of course not. 

If your neighbor knew how to earn $100,000 a year, he certainly wouldn’t be earning only $40,000 a year. You wouldn’t take your plumbing problems to your lawyer. You wouldn’t expect your dentist to have the teaching skills to educate your children. And you certainly wouldn’t go to your government for business advice — they only know how to produce deficits! 

So, whom does the new distributor ask for advice on his new network marketing opportunity? His neighbor who says the secret to success is to watch plenty of TV and to choose lucky numbers in the lottery? A friend who tried to build an network marketing business but failed? Or, should the new distributor ask his attorney because he received a degree for memorizing law books and legal codes? 

Your strategy for network marketing success is to get advice and guidance from someone who knows how to be successful in network marketing.  So, find your mentor first, and then follow your mentor’s advice. Don’t take bad advice from unqualified friends and enemies. 

Strategy #2 for network marketing success: Learn from someone who has a system for success that you can follow. 

There are many great athletes who are naturals. With very little training and instruction they reach high levels of success. While they may be excellent performers, they may not have the ability to transfer their knowledge to you. When you ask one of these gifted, natural athletes how they do it, they’ll say, "Gosh, I just go out and do it." 

That’s not the kind of instruction you want. 

You want specific instructions, a step-by-step approach, a proven path to your network marketing success. Make sure your mentor has a "guaranteed" success plan that works. 

How do you know your mentor’s plan works? Simply ask for the names of people who have used the plan and observe their progress. If the mentor is successful, but his personally-sponsored distributors are struggling, what do you think will happen to you? 

If the mentor is successful, and his personally-sponsored distributors are successful, that’s the place you want to be. 

It would be nice if you could learn network marketing success from high school, a university, or from watching a Saturday morning TV. But you can’t. If you really want network marketing success, use these two-mentor strategies to turbocharge your network marketing career.