Business strategyCan I get off this rollercoaster now, please?

One very successful net marketer with a purported annual income of $5M+ has a very simple explanation for his outstanding success... Automation!!
His "secret" formula is to set up a web site, automate it, and then move onto the next project.

Now, I think if someone who's making that much money on the net tells me that automation is the key, then "I'm going to pay very close attention to what he has to say."

So, automation means what?

Well, think of a car manufacturing plant, and all those little robots doing all that repetitive manufacturing plant type stuff. Imagine the extra staff needed to make your next, new prestige car.

Now, think of your web site. What functions can you automate there?

Well, one of the most obvious – time vortex – functions you can automate is all those "repetitive information requests."

Imagine how many staff you’d need to answer the question “I’ve lost my affiliate program ID and password. Can you send it to me again please.”

Another key function to automate is the sales process, but for a different yet critically important reason ... the development of trust.

People just don’t buy anything first up. Less so on the web. A series of well written customer-focused messages that a visitor to your site has requested goes a long way towards the development of trust with them. And, once you’ve written your message-set it’s done. Have the little robots do the work, I say.

Auto responders - the web version of Fax-On-Demand - do this the best, but be very careful here. All auto responders are not created equal.

Apart from their ability to automatically respond to information requests it’s fundamentally important that they're also able to deliver your messages in a format recognized by the receivers' email program. Most AR systems just don't do this.

Add to this intuitive functionality an AR system that delivers AOL compatible, HTML and VOICE messages and you’d have a very powerful selling machine wouldn't you say?

The simplest way to demonstrate the power of this interactive automation is for you to HEAR it.

When you click on this link (below) you'll get an audio message sent to your email box from one happy-camper, who's used interactive automation with great success.

Make sure you have your speakers plugged in, because he's going to TALK to you.

About the author:

Author: Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst - Born with the promotional strategist's gene... followed by twenty successful years in Media, Marketing, PR and copywriting.